5 S i m p l e & E l e g a n t H i j a b T u t o r i a l s


So I've put another video up on my channel! Crazy, I know. But I've been feeling super motivated recently and I just needed to make another. It's so strange how creativity and motivation comes in waves...sometimes I feel like doing something ALL THE TIME and then at others I can barely get off the sofa. Right now though I'm feeling super creative and super productive and I'm giving my energy and time to a number of different projects and it feels great! So I'm just riding this wave while it lasts!

So I decided to film some hijab tutorials because I haven't done any for a long time, and I love making them but I just didn't have any new ideas for a while. But recently I've been getting bored of my usual layered and voluminous styles and I've been getting inspired by a lot of simpler, more casual but elegant looking looks.

I feel like I'm experiencing a new beginning in my life and I'm making quite a few lifestyle changes, and so I feel that I want a change in how I look and my style choices, and that includes the way I wear my hijab.

I always switch up my hijab style every now and then as I get bored easily, but I always seem to go for volume and layers - so those are the things I've decided to do away with in these hijab styles! These styles are also a nod to Spring and Summer which are approaching us now, and the simple minimal vibes that are on trend right now.

 I wear glasses, and they have always contributed to me always feeling like no matter how hard I try I never look put together or elegant, however these styles are glasses-friendly and are a simple way to look elegant & chic without having to try too hard :)

I hope you enjoy!

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