W a l k i n g P a s t T h e S a m e D o o r M a n y T i m e s.


So today I had a billion errands to do. Just normal mundane life errands - nothing particularly interesting. I planned on making some BBQ chicken nachos from a recipe I came across on BuzzFeed's Tasty facebook page, so I needed to go out and buy ALL THE THINGS.

On the way we came across this rather amazing re-loved antiques store. I took a few snaps in there but the lighting was pretty terrible so I didn't get much. But these were a few of the items that caught my eye. Unfortunately my home is not big enough for these delights, and neither is my bank account! This is probably a good thing however. Anyway, here they are.

After spending the last month or so getting into the minimalist lifestyle and progressively clearing out my house of clutter and junk I don't need or want, walking around these shops is such an eye-opener to how my mind used to work not so long ago. I used to want pretty much everything I liked, I didn't buy it of course, but I still wanted it, and I'd think about it for ages afterwards, wishing I could have it, thinking of ways I could save up to buy it. Now I really don't care. That mirror was gorgeous and that screen was so beautiful, but I don't need them. My house is small and space comes at a premium - I can't just put something attractive in every corner.

Now that I have reduced my possessions by so much, I feel so much freer and my house is so much calmer to be in. Getting rid of things is so much fun too! (I think :P)

Anyway, I digress.

Boring errands day ended with a short hunt for a decent spot to shoot some ootd photos. So I chose a tiny side street I walk every week to my Dutch lesson where the houses are pretty & have very small doors and there aren't many people.

Told you the doors were tiny!

Then I walked past the same door many times. It was great.

Leather biker jacket - ZARA
Lace cropped top - H&M
Maxi skirt - Forever 21
Chelsea boots - Van Haren
Bucket bag - Forever 21

Location: Zandstraat, Leiden, Netherlands.
Photography: Muhammed Hussein.

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