C o n c r e t e D I Y


Hello all!

I have to say I'm actually quite proud of myself for coming back this week with another blog. It feels so good to be being regular with so many projects simultaneously; videos for Youtube, blogging, and feeding my creative drive - which brings me onto this weeks blog topic - concrete.

I've been wanting to make simple objects out of concrete for quite a while now but have either never had the time or -lets be honest here - the motivation to actually go out, buy the concrete, and go ahead and make the stuff! But last week, I did the thing and now I have a small collection starting - largely experimental - and I'm quite happy with what I have up until now!

A little pot for my cactus

A candlestick holder - finally.

A bigger plant pot.

They were all so simple to make! For the candle holder and the cactus pot I used plastic cups as moulds, and for the larger plant pot I used a Ben & Jerry's bucket - which I totally didn't buy AND eat all to myself specifically for this project. Don't judge me!

They all now live on my coffee table/foot stool (we don't have a coffee table anymore as we hated it so my husband took it apart and we gave the legs to our rabbits to chomp on as that's what they used to do anyway when it was still a coffee table - so we put it to good use ;) ) on a beautiful tray from a shop called Action here in the Netherlands.

I am not done however with these little random objects - I have a full sack of concrete that now lives next to my spot on the couch and I will not stop until it is finished! So I am currently making another, slightly smaller, candlestick holder and a weird concrete egg thing...

Don't ask...just...Pinterest is all I can say.

So this batch is just going to be a test so I can work out what the best concrete-to-water ratio is for strength and appearance, and also so I can figure out the best ways to mould and the best objects to mould in. After that, I'm planning on buying 3 more bags of concrete, some reinforcing steel bars, and making a coffee table top for which we already have the legs. And then finally we will have a coffee table we actually like xD

I also think once I get the hang of this I might open an etsy store and sell whatever I make there. Could be fun!

So, I have another song I have been listening to a lot this week, here it is , in fact, I've been listening to all her music a lot because I find it really interesting, unique and calming. I also just kinda love listening to music that isn't sung in English, it just adds to the music, like another instrument I guess.


I hope everyone has had a great week and has a great coming week :)
I will be uploading a 'what's on my phone' video to Youtube today and will post it here too.

Peace! x

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